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About Us

       Sometimes, slow internet is the universe’s way of telling you to go play outside. Other times, it’s the universe’s cruel joke to destroy your productivity. Here We provide technical assistance for all Tplink Setup related issues throughout the world to troubleshoot, fix, or just survive a slow internet connection. setup provides technical support for the admin control. If you want to increase or boost the WiFi range at your home or office then the setup are the best. There are areas in your home where the range of your WiFi can’t be reached. These areas are called dead spots. In these areas, you feel disconnected from the internet, from other members. So, purchase an extender, install it at your home by accessing the website setup and enjoy internet access at every corner of your home.

        We provide technical assistance for all setup wifi related issues throughout the world for 24x7. Whether it's small or large enterprise. setup whose prime aim is to work towards customer satisfaction.

We believe delivering world class services driven by perfection. We offer anywhere, anytime technical support for repair, diagnosis, installation etc. Our technicians are highly trained and certified. setup provides the best online Tplink Support with 99.99% customer satisfaction. Our service level agreements provide 

99.99% uptime and 90% of calls are answered in 10 seconds or less. Call us and get 100% Satisfactory and permanent resolution. You can find better information about us from our website. 

      Or feel free to call us any time on our Toll Free Number : 1-213-283-0893. Our services will work like magic. But this is not magic exactly, But it is the unique strategy we use to solve the issue.

What is is a private domain name that is used to install a Tp-Link extender or to perform Tp-Link extender setup.

You can conjointly use to perform the Tp-Link extender setup.

You can use an IP address also. The default one is Sometimes a user may not able to access the Tp-Link extender setup page by using the above-mentioned domain name. We are mentioning here some of the reasons for not able to access the setup to perform the Tp-Link extender setup. The devices you are using to access the internet are not in range of Tp-Link extender. The devices can be your computer, laptop, tablet, kindle, Chromebook or mobile phone.

Sometimes DNS cache is also causing the problem. The devices are connected to the range extender but you have to clear the DNS cache from your web browsers.

By mistake, you have put the website name into the search bar of the browser. The address bar is on the very left side of the browser window and the search bar is on the very right side of the browser.

If you are still facing any of the issues that are mentioned above then you can take help from our experts call Toll-Free:- 1-213-283-0893

Tp-Link Extender Setup

To expand the WiFi vary of Associate in a Nursing existing wireless network through for any model of Tp-Link extender setup follows the steps given below:-

1. Place your vary extender beside the router and provide power to that by plugging it into Associate in Nursing wall plug.

2. Take Associate in Nursing coaxial cable. Connect the extender and your device by victimization this coaxial cable.

3. Open an internet browser like Microsoft web soul. and sort within the uniform resource locator bar of the browser window.

4. Window pop-ups before of you soliciting for the username and parole. By default, the username, and parole square measure admin. Confirm you've got entered admin in small letter. Each square measure case sensitive.

5. Click on the short setup then next to start out the setup method.

6. Choose your region and click on next. It’ll begin sorting out the obtainable networks close you.

7. Select the network name of your router that you simply need to increase. Click Next to proceed.

8. The screen asks you to enter the parole for your router's network. Enter an equivalent within the given field and press the next button with the assistance of a mouse.

toll-free: 1-213-283-0893

Tp-Link Extender Features


Most of the Tp-Link extenders are reliable and small in size. Some of them have wall mounted feature and a few of them don't have.

Tp-Link extender mode extends the wireless signal of your router to far corners of your home.

WPS switch permits straightforward setup for the extender.

Wired devices will be connected simply to the extender by mistreatment its LAN ports.

It gives you a Tether app to download. You can transfer it from an app store or play store. This app is employed to manage the extender remotely.

Night mode of the extender permits having web access while not the blinking of extender lights.

External antennas provide better speed. Hence, the extender provides better performance.

Multiple security encryptions make the extender more secure. The security provided by Associate in Nursing extender is WPA/PSK, WPA2-PSK, and 64/128/152 bit WEP.

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